Wedding Dj hire Melbourne | Wedding Dj in Melbourne | Best Dj in Melbourne | Bollywood Punjabi Dj in Melbourne

Posted on November 30, 2017

Wedding Dj hire Melbourne | Wedding Dj in Melbourne | Best Dj in Melbourne

Having witnessed the performance of numerous Bollywood Dj in Melbourne at different weddings, we can safely say that none of them can even compare to DJ Spark Productions. We are truly fortunate to have had them perform at our wedding. They are real professionals and Top Indian Wedding Dj Services in Melbourne, who know exactly what to do to ensure everyone has a wonderful time.


We met up with Bobby (Dj Spark) a couple of times prior to our wedding, including the day before when we went through a list of our favourite songs, first dance, as well as the age, background, and number of guests at our wedding. More than half of our guests were not Punjabi’s, and despite the overwhelming majority of the songs being Bollywood, DJ Spark energetic and remarkable performance had the non-Punjabi guests on the dance floor the whole time and in love with their work.


Most Dj’s tend to have a way to get the crowd going, but Dj Spark does not just get the audience hyped up, he connects with them in a way that words cannot express! He was so energetic, so engaging, and was always in touch with us to make sure they were doing exactly what we wanted them to do.  Our guests still tell us how amazing our DJ were, even several months after the wedding! I honestly don’t know how they can be any better! They are perfect! Beyond Perfect and no wonder everyone says he is the best of the top wedding Dj in Melbourne.


If you looking for wedding Dj hire Melbourne then Make sure you book Dj Spark Productions,  well in advance since they are in high demand and get booked up quickly! I can understand why! They are an amazing, professional, and brilliant.

Amandeep Singh & Pryia Singh Kolpe (Melbourne)


Posted on November 24, 2017


We hired Dj Spark as he is No1 Bollywood Punjabi Dj in Melbourne. He had covered our wedding ceremony and reception. He was super friendly and helpful, and met with us twice before the wedding to make sure everything was good to go.

Dj Spark has so much knowledge and experience we let him do his thing. He knew exactly when to change it up and keep tracks going to keep the dance floor packed while incorporating song requests. Great service, very friendly and incredibly reliable.We had lots of fun dancing at the reception.we had a blast and would definitely recommend him!

101% Recommended for all bollywood and punjabi events as they are the Best Indian Wedding Dj Services in Melbourne Australia.

Punjabi Dj in Melbourne | Bollywood Dj in Melbourne

Posted on November 9, 2017

Punjabi Dj in Melbourne | Bollywood Dj in Melbourne

We cannot express how lucky we were to have had Dj Spark at our wedding. No wonder everyone suggested we go with Dj Spark Productions as they have the top Punjabi Dj in Melbourne and the top Bollywood Dj in Melbourne.


Absolutely delighted with the quality of the sound system provided by them. We had so much fun at our wedding, The light and Dj set was so amazing, people where mesmerised.


Dj Spark went above and beyond at the reception to make sure everything went as smooth as possible. We had Bollywood dancers and his coordination with them was remarkable. There was a little hiccup on their part and he took care of it right away. I don’t think we could have found anyone who would have done a better job.


The selection of music was great and had everyone on the dance floor; people kept saying that this is best Indian wedding dj in Melbourne ever seen. During our planning process Bobby was so much help; when it came to asking his opinion on scheduling he was very helpful. When it came to communicating with our other vendors Bobby definitely made sure he was in contact with them to ensure that they were all on the same page with regards to the schedule.


Overall we are beyond happy with the services we had from Dj Spark Productions and without any doubt they are the top Wedding Dj Services in Melbourne.  

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